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This resource page will serve as a knowledge base for you to lookup common questions that you may have in regards to all things PowerSchool.

News and Updates

Search for Grades/Attendance

When you're searching for students with all A's two important boxes to remember are minimum # of classes and Scan for grades in.  Make your minimum # the total number of classes a student has on Quick Lookup that have letter grades.  Also make sure Scan for grades in is set to Current grades and the final grade is set to whatever term you are looking at.

Mass Email Parents

There is a new customization in place that will allow you to send a mass email to parents.  From the start page select all or any group of students you'd like.  From the drop down below the names select Build Email List.  The bottom section gives you all parent emails.  Simply highlight and copy then open your email and paste the list into the Bcc: section of your email.  

**NEW** Birthday List

On the start page click on System Reports then select Engine.  When you get to that page go to Enhanced Birthday List.  Click on the name of the report.  From there you will only need to go down towards the bottom and choose the Month.  

This report is able to run a specific grade level or certain levels.  Just separate the grade levels by a comma.

Check it out!!!!!

Online Payments

I am checking all online payments about two or three times a week.  I am only checking for the elementary schools.  High School and Middle School will take care of their payments.  

If you have a parent call in you should be able to go to the student's Fee Transaction page and see all payments that have been made online.  I make the payment and try to inform you when a payment is made.  We are current on all online payments!!

Test Scores

All ISTEP, IMAST and iRead3 scores have been uploaded to PowerSchool.  To view test scores go to the student page under Academics click on the link that says Test Results then select the test you would like to see the scores for.  These scores are open for the parents to see in the Parent Portal.

Log Entry Page

I have added a search filter to the log entry page.  You can use this filter to sort out author name or any context in the log entry.

Tips and Tricks

  • PowerSchool has released new guides for Parents through iTunes in iBooks bookstore. There is a short video under PowerSchool Parent.
  • When your are searching for a field that is a check box use the field name=1 If you search for the field name and want to see everyone who the box is not checked search the field name=
  • When your search for a parent use Guardian_LN contains (put in some portion of the last name) If you want to search for parent first name use Guardian_FN
  • When your searching for phone numbers use Home_Phone contains (put the number in with dashes)


Video Links

PowerSchool Parent

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