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Challenging School Year Provides Encouraging Path Forward

The 2020-2021 school year was one for the ages all across the country. The Community Schools of Frankfort was no exception.

Thanks to its Safe Return to School Plan, CSF elementary schools did not miss a single day of school due to COVID-19. Frankfort Middle School and High School pivoted to e-learning for a few days. That challenge was made less difficult thanks to the district’s commitment to each student being provided a laptop or other device. 

That same commitment allowed approximately 20% of students to start the 2020-21 school year as “Virtual Scholars”. This program allowed students with significant health concerns to study and learn at home until their return. As the school year progressed and families recognized the health and safety measures put into place, most of those students returned to in-person instruction at some point in the year. 

Discipline issues were also down at all schools during the 2020-21 year. Cindy Long, principal at Frankfort High School commented, “ The majority of FHS students showed their commitment and appreciation for their educational opportunities by exhibiting outstanding behavior throughout the 20-21 school year.”

Community Schools of Frankfort had an extremely high participation rate in the iLearn assessment, coming in at 98%. This number includes virtual students who made an extra effort to participate. Results of the iLearn testing provided sources of encouragement.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Matt Rhoda said, “After reviewing CSF ILEARN performance data, we found that our 3rd-5th grade EL (English Learners) and Free-Reduced Lunch students were either at or above state performance averages. We are excited that these two groups that we were most concerned about with learning loss, were instructionally supported in order to close the achievement gap. We know we have room to grow to increase our overall and sub-group achievement levels in grades 3-10, but we celebrate the scores for our EL and Free-Reduced Lunch sub-groups. These scores provide a stepping stone in order to enable staff and students the efficacy necessary to stretch and meet the highest of academic expectations.”

Community Schools of Frankfort has one of the highest percent of EL students in the state of Indiana. Additionally, 80% of CSF students are Free-Reduced Lunch students. These two groups both performed very well.

While the 2020-21 school year was a challenge for schools and students across the country, CSF is proud of all of our students and staff for still making it a successful year. As we start the 2021-22 school year, excitement and expectations continue to grow as students and staff are stretched to succeed.