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English Language Learners (ELL)

Program Details & Information


The English Learners Studies Program at Community Schools of Frankfort serves over 1100 students whose first language is other than English. There are 5 different languages represented among our P-12 student body. EL instruction is an instructional approach which requires specific and appropriate second language development goals and objectives, methodologies, instructional materials, and performance assessment instruments. The EL curriculum runs parallel to the standard curricula. The EL Program is not a remedial or compensatory program and does not re-teach content and skills previously taught to the students in English. Instead, it is a discipline which addresses speaking, listening, reading and writing along with content to ensure student success in learning age-appropriate content and language simultaneously.

The EL Studies Program in the Community Schools of Frankfort is committed to the
educational improvement of EL students academically and socially while also
continuing to cherish their rich cultural heritages. CSF expects for all students in the EL program to achieve and meet the same standards for academic performance expected of native English speaking students in the district by improving EL instructional programs, improving content area instruction provided to EL students, developing the English language skills of EL children, improving professional development programs for staff members, and improving collaborative efforts with parents and families with limited English proficiency.

The goals of EL Studies are as follows:

  • Provide appropriate high-quality, research-based EL instructional programs that will increase the district’s capacity to educate EL children.
  • Provide daily EL instruction for children with limited English proficiency.
  • Provide sheltered-English content and functional grammar instruction to enable EL students to achieve success in the mainstream classroom;
  • Provide reinforcement and/or tutoring in native language, as needed, to enable EL students to participate in the regular classroom.
  • Impart information and communication, both verbal and written, to families in their native language, as needed.
  • Develop and increase relationships with our non-English speaking families and the community-based agencies and volunteer organizations that serve them.


EL Program Staff
Community Schools of Frankfort employs EL certified and highly qualified teachers at each EL program site. Additionally, bilingual instructional assistants who support instructional and family communication needs are available at each school. List of Contacts (below)