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High Ability

Welcome. This website contains information for your convenience about high-ability services within the Community Schools of Frankfort.  Hopefully, any introductory questions you have regarding structure, policies, goals, or curriculum will be answered by the information contained here. 

The success of your child in a challenging environment for high-achieving students can be greatly enhanced by your interest in his or her learning activities, and I encourage you to take a few minutes whenever possible to discuss what's happening in the classroom with him or her.  Your consistent involvement in the development of your child's talents is necessary and welcomed.  If you ever have any questions about programming for high-ability students, please contact me ([email protected]).  Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Bret Rhea, CSF Director of High-Ability Services



Upcoming Events

Enrichment Summer School will once again be offered in July for qualified participants.  Please look for information about this opportunity to come home with your child near the end of the school year.




General Information

Student Progress Reports

Formal student progress reports specific to high-ability experiences are no longer provided.  Instead, I encourage you to take a few minutes to discuss the feedback provided in the traditional report card from your child's cluster teacher with your child--it can be a valuable tool in helping him or her see where personal growth has already occurred, as well as what areas can be improved.  If you ever have any questions about your child's high-ability experiences, please contact me to discuss your concerns. 


Broad Based Planning Committee (BBPC)

The Broad Based Planning Committee (BBPC) is a diverse oversight group that monitors the delivery of programming for high-ability students in our school corporation.  This committee typically meets once during the school year to discuss relevant issues and assess existing educational opportunities for exceptional children.  Parental involvement in this process is welcomed and needed, so if you are interested in participating in this group, please contact me.  The sharing of your perspective as the parent of a high-ability student would be appreciated.


Elementary All-Cluster Student Sessions at the Ed Center

Approximately once per quarter, all identified high-ability elementary students at a grade level may participate in an enrichment pull-out session at the Education Center with Mr. Rhea.  These classes allow students who do not currently work within the pull-out setting to have some of those enrichment experiences on a limited basis.  They are also good opportunities for all of our students to work together in challenging situations which could not be presented at their home schools.  The first of these gatherings for the school year typically takes place in October.


Additional Documents for Parents: