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CSF and Teachers Agree to 2 Year Contract

The Community Schools of Frankfort will be meeting the state of Indiana’s $40,000 minimum teacher salary requirement a full year early. 


The CSF School Board approved a 2 year contract with the Frankfort Educators Association (FEA) at Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting. While recent contracts have been negotiated on a year to year basis, the new 2 year contract is the result of a number of negotiation meetings between the administration and the teachers. 


CSF Superintendent Joel McKinney stated at Tuesday’s meeting that there was a two-fold goal with getting the contract completed: retention of teachers and recruiting of potential teachers. According to an Indiana State University Bayh College of Education annual survey, almost 97% of Indiana schools report a teacher shortage for the 2021-2022 school year. 


"We are extremely thankful for everything our teachers do for our students and our school community," said Superintendent McKinney.  "The Community Schools of Frankfort have spent the last several years developing instructional practices that have resulted in academic excellence and growth for our students. It's because of our teachers and the work they do that we have come so far as a school corporation. We want to retain these amazing teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that their students are stretched to succeed. They have been through significant challenges these last two years.  We want them to know that they are valued as professionals, and this pay increase is just one way to show it.  We also want any teacher considering Frankfort to know that our school corporation serves amazing students and should be considered a top place to work - great community; great schools."


The new contract is effective from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023. Along with meeting the state’s minimum salary requirement, the contract also includes an overall 7% pay increase retroactive to the beginning of this school year. Additionally, changes were made to the benefit package with a minute increase in rates, but an improvement in coverage. 


FEA President Krista Shoaf spoke highly of the relationship between the teachers and the administration and board. “Frankfort Education Association prides itself on the wonderful working relationship that we have with CSF Administration and the CSF Board.”  


Shoaf also addressed the notable changes in the new contract. 


“Our members were very pleased with the agreement, as well as the change in insurance carriers.  Thank you to the insurance committee for their diligence in finding a new plan for our corporation.  We hope this will allow for the retention of our high quality teaching staff, as well as the ability to attract and hire new teachers to the district.  The recognition for our special education staff is a testament of the collective action that is so important to our FEA members.”