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December Hot Dog Highlight

The Community Schools of Frankfort proudly supports new teachers through a program called the New Teacher Academy. All new teaching staff are invited to take part in learning sessions that are specific to the programs and practices in our district. It is our way to help those new to our community learn about what it means to be a Hot Dog. Mentorship is also a critical component to new teacher success. All new staff are partnered with a veteran staff member as a mentor in their building, with extra supports offered to our first-year teachers.   This past August, we had over 30 new teachers attend 2 full days of orientation to learn about Frankfort and how we approach teaching our students. It all began with a bus ride to see our community. Eric Farley, CSF Chief Academic Officer and Frankfort alum, was the perfect host, telling about his time growing up here. Longtime educators Vickie Vestey and Annie Buser shared their experiences and provided insight to be a successful teacher.  Monthly professional learning allows our teachers to dig deeper into topics that are crucial to supporting our students. Multilingual teachers Missy Fresch and Anne Britt share classroom practices to support students learning a new language. Math teachers Heather Uitts and Tracey Woods help teachers dive deep into math instruction and the resources we have to support students. High Ability Director Bret Rhea encourages teachers to think carefully about classroom lesson design and how to foster collaborative classrooms.  We are The Community Schools of Frankfort and as in any community, it is the people that matter most. The New Teacher Academy is a time for the great people of our community to shine and share the work we do so that we can continue the tradition. A strong system of support helps to make sure everyone has what they need to be successful.   -Lesley Miller (CSF Director of Student Achievement)