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February Hot Dog Highlight

The Community Schools of Frankfort's Exceptional Needs Program has received a significant boost with the recent award of the Special Education Paraprofessional Training Grant, totaling approximately $22,000. This grant aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the district’s 41 Exceptional Needs paraprofessionals through various initiatives. One notable project is the Para Academy, scheduled to meet four times throughout the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year. The grant allows CSF to offer sessions on Crisis Prevention Intervention Verbal Training (which has already been presented to our Transportation team), blended learning experiences, and access to professional books, ensuring that our staff is equipped to meet the diverse needs of our students.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Denise Funston, the Para Academy has already made strides in empowering staff members. The first session, held on February 22, allowed ten of our Special Education, Title I, and Multilingual Learning paras to attend. Activities included  personality assessments to understand their strengths and shadows of those strengths. Additionally, they delved into essential topics like understanding IEPs and implementing strategies tailored to diverse learning styles and needs. This hands-on approach enriches the professional development of our paras and enhances their ability to support students.  Looking ahead, the Para Academy has an exciting lineup of topics for its upcoming sessions. In March, sessions will focus on Conscious Discipline, Adult Executive Skills, and addressing emotional poverty. April and May will feature discussions on instructional and behavior strategies, leveraging technology in education, and prioritizing self-care. Our paras have also been receiving the Verbal CPI Training, combining online modules with collaborative in-person sessions. By investing in the continuous growth of our paraprofessional team, CSF reaffirms our dedication to providing exceptional support for all of our students.