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April Hot Dog Highlight

Every February, the local President's Day Essay and Poster Contest, hosted by Goodwin Funeral Home, brings together creativity and history for Frankfort's 4th-grade students. With the freedom to select any president as their subject, participants can showcase their talents through either posters or essays (or both). Goodwin Funeral Home has a long history of extending its support to Frankfort schools, sponsoring the Cauldron and assisting with FHS Proms. Linda Wann shared how this new contest got its start six years ago: β€œAt Goodwin Funeral Home, we care greatly about the good of our community, and believe that public education is a cornerstone in community growth and individual well-being. It's no secret that the Goodwin family has a long-running interest in presidential history - as those who have seen the Lincoln memorabilia displayed around the funeral home have likely noticed. We hold the president's day essay/poster contest as a way to give back to our community, and in hopes of contributing to a life-long love of learning that we wish children to acquire.”  This event underscores the importance of tying education with history, specifically targeting Frankfort's schools due to the overwhelming interest from students. Nearly 175 participants this year came from Green Meadows, Suncrest, and homeschooling backgrounds. The stakes are high, with coveted prizes such as an iPad, US history-themed LEGO sets, and $50 cash awaiting the top three winners. The suspense builds until awards night when the top 10 finalists in both categories are revealed, all of whom receive recognition and goodie bags. Community leaders, ranging from the mayor to representatives from fire, police, and the courthouse, join Goodwin staff to judge the entries, focusing not just on artistic merit but also the substantive content of the posters. This year, the honors went to Mason Patchett for the top essay, while Jeandra Martin claimed first place in the poster category, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication of Frankfort's young historians.